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Almost all men wish their penis could be a little bit bigger.  Increased stamina is also high on the wish list too.  There are a few ways that you can learn how to grow your penis bigger.  This article will talk about some of them.

How To Grow Your Penis

How to Grow Your Penis | Natural Exercises

When learning how to grow your penis naturally, the first method you should try revolves around using various exercises.  These exercises are some of the most effective ways that you can increase the size or girth of your penis.

These exercises that help to grow your penis target the muscles inside the organ.  By toning one of the muscles inside, you can increase your stamina and hold back your ejaculations for longer periods of time.  Your partner would definitely be pleased with that.

There are two chambers inside your penis.  These chambers are designed to fill with blood whenever you experience an erection.  By targeting these chambers, you can hope to experience firmer erections.

How to Grow Your Penis | Using Weights

One of the oldest tricks in the book that men have used to make their penis longer makes use of weights.  This method involves attaching a small weight to a rope or strap then tying it to the end of your penis.  After getting an erection, you slowly have to raise the weight and lower it again.

This can be an effective method to increase your stamina since it targets the muscle responsible for ejaculation.  However, this method can be hazardous if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.  This is why it is so important that you should seek guidance on how to grow your penis before trying out these weights.

How To Grow Your Penis

How to Grow Your Penis | The Clamping Method

Many men have tried using clamping to increase the size of their penis.  It involves using a constricting device like a string or cock ring on the base of the penis and masturbating while fully erected.  This method can cause very serious damage to your penis.  It’s much better to use natural exercises when learning how to grow your penis.

How to Grow Your Penis | Pills Don’t Work

You have likely seen many advertisements on TV about how to grow your penis using pills.  Sure, these pills are very convenient and provide you with hope that you can have a larger size with no work at all.  However, this probably isn’t the case since there is no medical evidence to back the claim that pills are effective.

Don’t Forget To Always Stay Safe

If you truly want to know how to grow your penis, you will want to do so safely.  There is a very real risk that you can damage the organ permanently if you don’t know what you’re doing.  It is best for you to seek guidance instead of trying to go at it alone.

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It’s best that you get hands on and actively do something about your size if that’s what you truly want.  There are various manual exercises that you can complete in minutes per day.  They are by far the safest method you can use to grow your penis. These are the methods that I know about how to grow your penis and I hope this little bit of information was helpful.

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How To Grow Your Penis | The Different Methods http://howtogrowyourpenisx.com/how-to-grow-your-penis-different-methods http://howtogrowyourpenisx.com/how-to-grow-your-penis-different-methods#comments Thu, 14 Apr 2011 18:05:18 +0000 Grow Your Penis Fan http://howtogrowyourpenisx.com/?p=31 Continue reading ]]> Different Methods About How to Grow Your Penis

You’ve probably seen hundreds of different products that claim to show you how to grow your penis. Most of these are false. However, there are a few different methods that you can use. This article will discuss some of methods for how to grow your penis bigger.

How To Grow Your Penis

How to Grow Your Penis | Using Pills

People commonly claim to show you how to grow your penis using pills. They advertise penis-enlarging pills on TV and radio on a daily basis. Your email inbox is probably full of spam promoting them too. The main benefit of using these pills is that they are very convenient. However, there is no scientific proof that these pills work and there may also be side effects.

In addition to pills, there are also a range of creams and lotions advertised that show you how to grow your penis naturally. They have no scientific backing just like pills. It would be much safer to use more natural means to enlarge your penis.

How to Grow Your Penis | Pumps

A device you can use if you want to learn how to grow your penis is a suction pump. They are commonly used to treat men who are impotent. However, they do increase the size of your penis for about 24 hours. After this, it goes back down to its normal size.

The benefits of natural penis exercises are permanent. They also don’t have some of the risks of suction pumps. You could rupture some of the blood vessels which is very painful.

How to Grow Your Penis | Surgery

When learning how to grow your penis, you may also come across different surgical procedures that will do it. One procedure will cut the ligaments that hold your penis in position so it will be straight and not curved anymore. However, you will have to use weights for months after the surgery to ensure it works. There’s also the chance that you may be unable to perform sexually anymore.

How to Grow Your Penis | Inflatable Implants

Doctors can also use implants to enlarge your penis. They will replace the two chambers in the organ with inflatable implants. This type of surgery is typically reserved for men who are completely impotent. However, the implants can be made larger than your natural chambers, so your penis will grow in size afterward.

Like with the other methods discussed about how to grow your penis, there are also disadvantages of this surgery. You will need to manually inflate the implants each time before you have an erection. Also, the surgery can never be reversed. During surgery, tissues or blood vessels may also be damaged accidentally.

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These are some of the different methods one can use on how to grow your penis. All of these methods have their disadvantages and risks. However, there are natural ways that you can try to get your penis bigger. They include using exercises so that you can manually increase the size of your penis. You should seek guidance when learning about these exercises though since you may cause harm if you do them too much. I hope this information about how to grow your penis will help you to make the right decision.

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